Ramayana historically supports and advances the welfare of the community at large, particularly for those citizens who live in areas neighboring our stores, warehouses and other facilities. In accepting this responsibility, the Company acknowledges its responsibility to all stakeholders and to its neighbors around the Indonesian archipelago.

Our medical program was held on 4th May 2014 at a mass event at Sekolah Sariputra, located at Jl. R.E. Martadinata, Gg. Nakula No.35 A, Cikarang Utara - Bekasi. This medical program served complementary medical treatment for a total of 3,116 patients, covering diagnosis, application of medications and even full-scale operations, by a staff of doctors and nurses.

The mass CSR event was carried out in collaboration with a local Vihara and Amanda Hospital, led by Dr. Helen.The treatments proffered during treatment were minor in nature but there were also fairly serious operations (some of which necessitated follow-up treatment). Here is a breakdown of the type of medical treatment administered and the number of local people who became patients:



Ramayana continues to survey and plan social support of this nature, in its efforts to share its prosperity with needy families who cannot afford medical treatment, particularly those living in areas bordering our businesses.

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