The Audit Committee is tasked with providing an independent professional opinion on the report to the
Board of Directors, identifying issues that require attention of the Board of Commissioners, conducting a review of financial information as issued by the Company, reviewing the work plan and implementation of inspection by internal auditors, reviewing independence and objectivity of external auditors through a review of the adequacy of audit, along with an examination to ensure that all important factors have been considered in the inspection program by external auditors, as well as performing a review.

To ensure its independence, the Audit Committee reports directly to the Board through the Independent Commissioner who serves as Chairman of the Audit Committee. In turn, the Board will propose to the Board of Directors various duties which need to be executed in the Audit Committee report. In performing its duties and carrying out its responsibilities, the Audit Committee has the authority to obtain information and reviews needed directly from  the Department of Internal Audit and Accounting, through communications, speech or by means of meetings with internal and external auditors on the audit, with a letter dispatched to the external auditor on critical items which should be of concern during the inspection by external auditors.

The Committee also stresses the importance of internal control as the responsibility of the Company, as studied and reported by external and internal auditors. During 2014, the Audit Committee conducted 4 meetings with the Board, providing the Board its independent opinions and suggestions. Audit Committee members have also attended meetings with internal auditors and the Board of Directors to discuss the findings and recommendations from internal auditors to the Board.

Composition of the Audit Committee As of December 31, 2014:
Chairman : Selamat (Independent Commissioner)
Members :  Ruddy Hermawan Wongso, Tonang Sendjaja

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