The BOC plays an important role in GCG implementation.The duties and responsibilities of the BOC include supervising the Company's management policy, ensuring appropriate implementation of the Company's Articles of Association, enacting the resolutions of the Shareholders General Meetings within prevailing laws and regulations, and advising the Board of Directors in accordance with the objectives of the Company. In order to perform its duties effectively and to fulfill the requirements of GCG implementation, the BOC has established an Audit Committee, headed by an Independent Commissioner. The Audit Committee reserves the right to access all information available in the Company, provide independent analysis, monitor the examination process of financial reports by both internal and external auditors and provide access to the internal audit function and audit findings.

Meetings of the BOC and joint meetings with the BOD take place regularly. The total amount of remuneration received by the BOC and BOD for 2014 was Rp. 11,3 billion.

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