The BOD is authorized and is entirely responsible for managing the Company, in accordance with its purposes and objectives, as well as for representing the Company in accordance with the Articles of Association. The duties and responsibilities of the BOD include managing the daily activities of the Company, implementing the policies, principles, values, strategies, objectives and performance targets that have been evaluated and approved by the BOC, maintaining the Company's longterm business continuity, achieving performance targets, while adhering to the principle of prudence. In accordance with the decision of the Annual GMS of 23rd May,2014, related to the duties and authority of the BOD, the following were appointed or confirmed:

President Director : Agus Makmur
Director : Suryanto
Director : Kismanto
Director : Gantang Nitipranatio
Independent Director : Halomoan Hutabarat

Remuneration received by the members of BOD for the
year 2014 was Rp. 5.05 billion.

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